Impact9: Printmaking In The Post-Print Age

Monique Jansen

International Printmaking Conference and Exhibition
China Academy of Arts and Sanshang Gallery
Hangzhou, China



inkjet prints on paper (60 x A3 pieces of paper), 4200mm x 1800mm


The adoption of print strategies into drawing shakes the assumption of the hand being the imperative for drawing. The print processes used here are accessible and direct. ‘Drawing’  with the scanner and printer is quick, responsive and very hands-on: reasserting the haptic and reintegrating it with the digital, thus having a direct physical contact with the digital. The ‘desktop depot’ includes the cheapest Epson desktop scanner/printer available, a photocopier, a fax machine, carbon paper…


‘fold (v) print (n) a drawing which makes itself’

handmade artist book, inkjet and screenprint on paper. 200mm x 150mm, 16 pages with fold-outs, jacket design by Index Design. Edition of 33.


Working with scraps of drawings, lines marked on butter paper, folded and unfolded, scanned and re-folded, accumulating, printing and re-printing in order to find form. The scanner picks up the moiré patterns created through the folded templates, shadows and creases are visible, thus these ‘prints’ are facsimiles of un-fixed drawings: A drawing which makes itself.

With thanks to Dorothea Rockburne (USA 1932- )